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    Kitamura Eri Internet broadcasts

    Some of the internet that Eri has appeared in are as follows.

    2009.07.03-Radio Dream C Club [radio]guest
    2010.03.??-Meibel and Sanjou no NoFate! Radiohost
    2010.04.02-Angel Beats SSS Radiohost
    2017.05.13PSO2 Stationguest
    2018.03.24PS Series 30Shuunen Kinen Live "Live Sympathy 2018" [live]guest
    2018.10.09Oshiro Project RE Koushiki Namahousou 3guest
    2018.12.14Nama SINoALICE Christmas SPguest
    2018.12.23Ore ga Sukinanoha Imouto dakedo Imouto janai tokubanguest
    2019.02.14SINoALICE Valentine SPguest
    2019.04.25Nama SINoALICE GW Chokuzen Reiwa Chokuzen SPguest
    2020.12.12Houchi Shoujo -Fuyu no Daibounenkai SP-guest
    2021.03.20Blue Oath Release 1 Shuunen Kinen Chokuzen Koushiki Namahousouguest
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