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    Koyasu Takehito CDs (singles)

    Takehito appears (sings/talks) in the following CD singles.

    1996.07.midTomo in Hungry LandTalk
    1996.12.04Open Sesame (PCDB-007)Song {duet}
    1997.03.05Angelique Shugosei Collection 6 -Olivier (KEDH-1009)Song/Talk
    1997.05.21Mecha Hajikete Guts Tobashite (TYDY-2085)Song
    1998.01.21Beautiful Alone [Weiss] (MMDM-1001)Song
    1998.05.21Velvet Underworld [Weiss] (MMDM-1002)Song
    1998.08.05Piece of Heaven [Weiss] (MMDM-1003)Song
    1998.08.21It's Too Late [Weiss] (MMDM-1004)Song
    1999.01.??Yuukyuu Gensoukyoku character series 7 (PCDB-015)Song
    1999.09.21No Reason/Mellow Candle [Weiss] (MMDM-1006)Song
    2002.03.21Gluhen [Weiss] (MMCC-1029)Song
    2002.03.21Stone Roses [Weiss] (MMCC-1030)Song
    2008.11.26Rosario to Vampire CAPU2 Character Song 7 (KICM-3183)Song
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