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    Maeshima Ami events

    Some of the events that Ami has appeared in are as follows.

    2017.02.24[18:30] BanG Dream Girls Band Party Happyoukai at Roppongi EX Theater
    2017.05.07[16:00] Bushiroad 10th Anniversary Festival Ending
    2017.07.14[21:00] Maeshima Ami no Kokokore public broadcast
    2017.08.06[] Bang Dream Shuwarin Dreamin event
    2018.01.13[13:00] Girls Band Party Live & Party in Tokyo @Hello Happy Circle Housoukyoku
    2018.01.14[12:15] Girls Band Party Live & Party in Tokyo Girlpa Kyouryoku Live
    2018.08.23[] Nippon Ham Fighters vs Softbank Hawks (Girls Band Party Collaboration)
    2018.09.23[13:00] Tokyo Game Show 2018 Hello Happy Circle Housokyoku
    2018.12.12[12:00] Bang Dream 2nd Season Seisaku Happyoukai
    2018.12.16[13:00/17:00] Maeshima Ami Fan Event
    2018.12.30[16:00] Bushiroad DJ Live
    2019.02.08[19:00] Bang Dream! Radio Matsuri
    2019.04.20[16:00] Intel Gamers World Reiwa Fortnite stage
    2019.05.04[] Bang Dream TV Shucchouban in Shiro Kuro Fes 2019
    2019.06.08[16:00] Girlpa Hai Kesshou in Gal Party 2019
    2019.06.09[13:15] Bang Dream! Girlpa Radio with Afterglow Shucchouban in Gal Party 2019
    2019.06.09[16:00] Gal Party & Sta -ReLive- Sai 2019 Heikaishiki
    2019.08.24[13:00] Girls Band Party Stage Event in Fujikyuu Highland
    2019.08.31[12:00/14:30] Bang Dream Event @Galaxy Harajuku
    2019.12.12[17:00] Bang Dream! 3rd Season Seisaku Happyoukai & Xmas Party 2019
    2020.01.27[19:00] Manmaru Oyama ni Irodori Special
    2020.05.03[14:00] Bang Dream Special Live Girls Band Party 2020
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