Matsui Naoko events

Some of the events that Naoko has appeared in are as follows.

1987.02.14-1987.02.154th Nihon Anime Festival at Ikebukuro Sunshine City
1990.03.03-1990.03.047th Nihon Anime Festival
1993.03.28KO Seiki Beast Sanjuushi event
1993.08.17Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Nagoya
1993.08.23Starchild Anime Festival 93 in Kyoto
1994.06.11The Ripple Final Event
1995.10.14Branmarker 2 event in Yodobashi Camera
1996.10.27Seiyuu Hakusho event
1998.06.28Maria & Chieko Animation Hit Parade Type 0
2001.09.30EVE TFA event in Yamagiwa Soft
2008.01.26[18:00] Prism Ark The Pencil Live Shibuya O-East
2008.03.29[14:00] Itazura na Kiss event UDX Theater
2009.02.01[14:00/18:00] Maria & Chieko Animation Hit Parade 09

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