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    Matsumoto Rica TV appearances

    Some of the TV appearances that Rica has made are as follows.

    1995.08.15Yuushoku BanzaiGuest
    1995.12.14Say You ClubGuest
    1997.05.30Shibuya de ChuGuest
    1998.09.25Shibuya de ChuGuest
    2000.12.30Pocket Monsters Mew Two Livesinterview
    2012.04.06-Hikounin Sentai Akibarangeracting (Yamada Masako)
    2016.11.13Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.1 (1st day 1st half)performance
    2016.11.20Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.2 (1st day 2nd half)performance


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