Mizuki Nana events (2001)

Some of the events that Nana has appeared in during the year 2001 are as follows.

2001.01.21Nana 21 Anniversary Concert "Happy"
2001.02.11Valentine Party in Kousei Nenkin Kaikan
2001.03.20[17:00] ES Hour Event no Ojikan at Nagoya Kouwakan
2001.05.20Heaven Knows Maxi Single event in Osaka TB Hall
2001.08.04Sister Princess event in Animate Ikebukuro
2001.08.10Generation of Chaos event in Gamers
2001.08.11Mizutama Memories public recording
2001.08.12Anime Japan Fes 2001 The Auction
2001.09.04Seiyuu Collection Returns One Year Anniversary
2001.09.08Mizuki Nana event in Yamagiwa Nadia Park
2001.09.09The Place of Happiness event in TB Hall
2001.09.15The Place of Happiness event in Ishimaru Soft One
2001.09.16The Place of Happiness event in Animate Shibuya
2001.09.22The Place of Happiness event in Animate Machida
2001.10.06[13:30] ES Hour Live no Ojikan at Uesugi Jinja
2001.10.06Yozan Festival
2001.10.13Tokyo Game Show -Sister Princess public recording-
2001.10.14Tokyo Game Show -Tomy booth-
2001.10.21Mizuki Nana talk live in Wakkanai
2001.11.23[10:30] Memories Off 2nd DVD event in Aniamte Ikebukuro
2001.12.02[14:00] Happy Lesson Event at Nakano Zero Hall
2001.12.02Happy Lesson Event in Nakano Zero Hall
2001.12.02Memories Off First Concert
2001.12.22Shichinin no Nana
2001.12.23Mizuki Nana Xmas Live Super Sonic Girl in Harajuku Astro Hall
2001.12.28[16:00] Mizuki Nana talk show in Tower Records Niihama

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