Natsukawa Shiina TV appearances

Some of the tv that Shiina has appeared in are as follows.

2016.04.14AniGe Eleven 27video appearance
2016.11.03AniGe Eleven 56event report
2016.12.18Animelo Summer Live 2016 Vol.6 (3rd day 2nd half)TrySail performance
2017.05.21LisAni! Live 2017 Sunday Stage [M-ON]concert {TrySail}
2017.08.10AniGe Eleven 96video
2017.08.19LisAni Navi 21TrySail video interview
2017.12.28AniGe Eleven 116video
2018.02.22AniGe Eleven 123video
2020.01.17AniGe Eleven 221guest
2020.04.25LisAni! Live 2020 Saturday Stage [M-ON]concert {TrySail}

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