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  • Michiko page
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    Oda Michiko roles

    Some of the voice roles that Michiko has done are listed below.


    Michiko has done the following roles in anime.

    Gulliver Boy {Episode 33,35,44} female horse
    Gulliver Boy {Episode 46} crying girl
    Sailor Moon {SuperS Episode 145} female student
    Sailor Moon {SuperS Episode 147} female
    Sentimental Journey Ayasaki Wakana


    Michiko has done the following roles in games.

    Gakuen Sentai Solblast [Playstation] ? Chizuru
    Gakuen Sentai Solblast [Playstation] ?
    Marionette Company 2 Chu! [Dreamcast, Playstation, Windows] Aresa Niruufa
    Misaki-Aggressive! [PlayStation] Michelle Sensui
    Misaki-Aggressive! [PlayStation] Uduki Luna
    Sentimental Graffiti -Yakusoku- [PlayStation] Ayasaki Wakana
    Sentimental Graffiti 2 [Dreamcast, WIN] Ayasaki Wakana
    Sentimental Graffiti [Sega Saturn, WIN, Playstation] [debut game] Ayasaki Wakana
    Sentimental Journey [PlayStation] Ayasaki Wakana


    Michiko has done the following roles in audio drama.

    Sentimental Graffiti [CD] Ayasaki Wakana
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