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    Ozaki Yuka TV appearances

    Some of the TV shows that Yuka has appeared in are as follows.

    2017.01.03Kemono darake no Shinshun! Summer Partyvideo interview
    2017.03.02Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamMegami Meguri video
    2017.03.09-2017.06.29Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamPapi Pure Pon corner
    2017.04.14Music StationKemono Friends performance
    2017.05.25Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Bang DreamBushiroad live video
    2017.07.06-2018.03.29Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sistershost
    2017.09.07Gekkan Bushiroad TV with Toyama Sistersvideo
    2017.09.18Music StationKemono Friends performance
    2017.12.132017 FNS Kayousai Dai2yalive performance {Doubutsu Biscuits x PPP}
    2017.12.16LisAni Navi 38Kemono Friends CD message
    2017.12.22Music Station Super LiveKemono Friends performance
    2018.04.05-Bang Dream TVhost
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