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  • Anime Express - 1997.01.25

    Pony Tail wo Hodoitara (Sakurai Tomo)
    Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki (Sakurai Tomo)
    Tomo noticed that everyone has a tamagocchi around her. Also the print club was very popular last year. Right now there is a new item, the stamp club, which makes a stamp by taking a picture (similar style to print club). It's 500 yen per play, and the machines exist in Shibuya, Shinjuku, and Ikebukuro.

    Tomo wants to make a stamp of herself, but it's still too crowded now.

    Tomo read some letters.

    A listener asked if Tomo was in a TV CM, since he saw someone that looked like Tomo. But Tomo said that she had never appeared in one. She wanted to though.

    Tomo said that she had some some songs for CMs. Then she sang some very old CM songs. Tomo had done a few of them when she was around 15 or 16 years old.

    When Tomo was in grade school, she sent in a letter for a pen friend in a magazine. She got a lot of letters, and chose one person to write to (who lived in Yokohama). She continued writing letters for a long time, and even went to meet the person.

    Tomo went on to the anpan no tsubuyaki corner. Tomo read three letters in various voices: 1) a disposable camera, 2) a mail box, and 3) a word processor. For the word processor, Tomo said, "Aaan, iyaaan." She said that there will be some presents for good ideas.

    Then Tomo played Pony Tail wo Hodoitara, from the Saint Tail Best of Best CD.

    The next major event coming up was Valentine's Day.

    Tomo: I used to give chocolates to boys that I liked.
    Tomo: Why is Valentine's Day chocolate and White Day candy? Who decided that? I like candy, but I want chocolate.

    For Valentine's Day, Tomo has been doing a Valentine's Aid event every year. This was her 10th year, and she will go from Hokkaidou to Kyuushuu this year.

    Then Tomo played Koi no Recipe ha Daitan Futeki, from the Tomo-dachi Radio Valentine Special CD.

    The next corner was the Jouhou Express corner by Sugawara Aya.

    The Saint Tail Best of Best CD went on sale 1/25, and the first edition comes with an original sticker. Also there will be Saint Tail cels given away as a present.

    Aya: It's getting cold. Please be careful. I hear gargling every seven hours really works.

    Tomo talked a little about the new Macross radio drama that will start on 2/8. It's called Macross Generation, and will be aired from 2/8 to 4/12, 10 episodes total.

    Tomo will do the voice of Canary, a 17 year old musical star. The main character will be 15 year old Passel, who wants to become a musical star. Other characters are Laparl (by Ogata Megumi) and Volf (by Hiyama Nobuyuki).

    There will be songs by Canary and some other classical Macross BGM. The theme song will be Tenshi no Enogu by Sakurai Tomo.

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