Anime Express - 1997.02.08

Title Anime Express
Date 1997.02.08
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Corner Sugawara Aya (ʸ)
Guest none
Songs Tenshi no Enogu (Sakurai Tomo)
Drama Macross Generation 1

Tomo cut her hair recently, but not many people noticed.

The Macross Generation drama starts today.

While Tomo was reading letters, and talking the BGM was Pony Tail wo Hodoitara.

The flowers himawari (sunflower) and gekka bijin (?) are in the lyrics of Tomo's song Hitasura Maemukini from the CD Cherry. Tomo said that she likes these two flowers. But Tomo's favorite flower was kasumisou.

Tomo read two letters in the anpan no tsubuyaki corner. One was about a tamagocchi, and Tomo said that she wanted one. She found out that there was going to be a new type coming out, and she was looking forward to that.

Then Tomo played Tenshi no Enogu, the theme song for Macross Generation.

The drama was Macross Generation episode 1.

The next corner was the Jouhou Express corner by Sugawara Aya.

The highly awaited game Macross Digital Mission VFX will go on sale soon. 6800 yen. It is a 3D shooting game where the player has to save the singing group Milky Dolls. Milky Dolls are made up of Sakurai Tomo, Inoue Kikuko, Mitsuishi Kotono, Imai Yuka, and Namiki Noriko.

Sugawara Aya will also have a Valentine Talk on 2/14 during her radio show at TBS, starting at 16:30.

Tomo will go all over the country for her Valentine Aid event on 2/11 and 2/15.

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