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  • Macross Generation episode 1

    Aired: 1997.02.08

    Cast: Passel (Tamura Yukari), Volf (Hiyama Nobuyuki), Gana (Koyasu Takehito), Lafare (Ogata Megumi), Canary (Sakurai Tomo), and narration (Sakakibara Yoshiko).

    The song Ai Oboeteimasuka by Canary was playing.. Then Passel (who was in a park in the middle of the night) started to sing along too. Passel was a young girl who wanted to become a musical star like Canary. Passel was singing and dancing in the rain, when she met Volf. But some bad guys were after Volf (an assassin), so Volf ran away.

    When the bad guys were trying to question Passel, a guy on a motorcycle came by and save her. The guy was Lafare, who was a CBR (cosmo bike race) racer.

    Passel was going to the audition for the Lin Minmei Monogatari (a musical) the following week.

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