Anime Express - 1997.03.15

Title Anime Express
Date 1997.03.15
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Corner Sugawara Aya (ʸ)
Guest Tamura Yukari (¼椫)
Songs Yuuki wo Kudasai (Tamura Yukari)
Drama Macross Generation 6

The guest was Tamura Yukari, a new seiyuu is doing the role of Passel in Macross Generation.

Yukari and Tomo met twice at the Macross Generation recordings, and this was the third time that they met. Tomo met some of the new seiyuu at the Macross recordings, and realized that she wasn't the new seiyuu any more.

Tomo: How was the Macross Generation recording?
Yukari: Very difficult. The script was just sheets of paper, so I had to try hard not to make any noise.

Then they played Yuuki wo Kudasai which was Yukari's debut single.

Tomo pointed out that in the booklet for the Macross Generation drama CD, there was something about the daily schedules of each of the characters. Some of the information for Passel and Canary, is "real" for Yukari and Tomo. Tomo said that she eats breakfast every morning. Yukari said that she had worked part time in an amusement park. Then Tomo said that she had never worked in a part time job before.

The drama was Macross Generation episode 6.

The next corner was the Jouhou Express corner by Sugawara Aya.

There will be a new Meitantei Conan movie "Tokei Jikake no Matenrou". The CD single for the new theme song will go on sale 4/23.

There will be a Macross Generation event on 3/29. The guests will be Tamura Yukari and Yoshida Sayuri. Animate Yokohama at 11:30, Ishimaru at 15:00, and Theater Shinjuku for the Macross all night movie.

Tomo said that she will have a concert at the Akasaka Blitz on 4/3.

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