Macross Generation episode 6

Title Macross Generation episode 6
Aired 1997.03.15
New character Dusty (Suzuoki Hirotaka)

Passel and the other girls were having the rehearsals for the Lin Minmei Monogatari musical. The director was Minerva, but Dusty was the one in charge of teaching the dancers.

Passel wasn't doing things the way Dusty wanted. She said that she didn't like the way he was teaching. So Dusty told her that she didn't have to come to the rehearsals any more.

Lyza told Passel that she should go apologize to Dusty, but Passel was stubborn and didn't want to.

Passel didn't understand herself. She was thinking to herself in the rain. Then she heard Canary's voice. Canary was singing and dancing in the rain.

Canary noticed Passel and they talked about Passel's problem. Canary said that Passel was just like herself. She also talked about Dusty's way of teaching, and that she didn't agree with it either. Canary said that she understood what Passel was facing. She told Passel to have confidence in herself.

Passel was happy that Canary understood her feelings.

["Yuuki wo Kudasai" began playing in the background.]

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