Anime Express - 1997.06.07

Title Anime Express
Date 1997.06.07
Host Sakurai Tomo ()
Corner Sugawara Aya (ʸ)
Guest none
Songs Ano Koro (Sakurai Tomo)
Drama none

In the OP skit, Tomonosuke said that his mother (Tomo) liked another guy, a gaijin, instead of his father. It was because she called out, "Gamlin" in her sleep. [Gamlin is a character from Macross 7.]

Tomo read three letters for the "anpan no tsubuyaki" corner. This was the final week for this corner, even though it was a very popular corner.

Tomo said that she liked Tea 0, a tea drink with zero sugar. There used to be 1.5 liter bottles of it, but she can't find them any more. There are still 1 liter bottles.

Last year, for the Saint Tail musicals, they traveled around on a bus. Tomo at the convenience store oden many times, and thought it was good.

There was going to be a new corner "genba no Satou-san". They will request letters from listeners giving any "news" information. It can be personal things too. They will give away a print sticker set to those who get their letter read.

Then Tomo played Ano Koro from her Hitasura Seiyuu Shigan CD.

Tomo wants to go eat a "big parfait". It's very large and costs around 3000 yen each. She said that she will have to try it when there aren't any photo sessions for a week (because she'll get fat).

Tomo read a letter for the recipe corner. The listener gave instructions for making fried rice out of the onigiri (rice ball) that they sell at convenience stores. Tomo said that she would probably like it. Tomo likes to eat the convenience store onigiri by heating it.

The next corner was the Jouhou Express corner by Sugawara Aya.
Aya said that she likes basketball.

The new Macross Ai Oboeteimasuka game for the Sega Saturn came out on 6/6. It is a side scroll shooting game, and there is a new movie for the opening. The voice of Lin Minmei is done by Iijima Mari.

At the end of the show, Tomo said that she was hungry..

The guest next week will be Minami Omi.

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