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  • 林原めぐみの東京ブギーナイト - 1995.01.14

    Tiny Heart (Honda Chieko)
    Megami Paradise lesson 2
    Megumi listed some of the new songs that will be on her new album. The new single for Tekkaman Blade 2 (on sale 1/21) will not be on it.

    Megumi said, "I have a round face, but my body is very skinny. I wear a size S skirt, but when I go to the store, they bring out M or L. I tell them that I'm a S, but they say that a M will fit. I wish they would stop judging by looking at my face."

    Megumi said, "I never go to Hatsumoude (going to temple on New Years). It's too crowded, so I know I'll just get sick and tired."

    Megumi played a song from Tekkaman Blade 2, Tiny Heart by Natashia (Honda Chieko).

    Megumi said, "I like mail order stuff. I recently bought a chest. I thought it was going to come all built, but it was unassembled! So I had to build it. I know I probably didn't do it right, but some of the parts didn't fit. I did some construction work for the first time in a long time. Now I have scars all over my hands."

    Megami Paradise lesson 2

    Some new characters introduced in this episode.
    • Pastel (Hikami Kyoko)
    • Shiranozaurus (Kobayashi Yuko)
    The summary of this episode can be found in the Megami Paradise section.

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