Club db Station - 1997.05.24

Title Club db Station
Aired 1997.05.24
Drama Kyuukyoku Parodius 3
Hosts Iwao Junko (˽)
Konishi Hiroko ()

Junko and Hiroko both said, "I'm a manbou," in a SLOW voice..

They said that there were a lot of letters, and they wanted to read them, but they couldn't because the drama was too long.

The drama was Kyuukyoku Parodius part 3 [about 16 minutes].
[The Manbou appeared in the story too.]

After the drama, Junko read out the cast of the drama.

  • Gile B. Cross (Yasuhara Yoshito)
  • Takosuke (Fujita Toshiko)
  • Pentarou (Nozawa Masako)
  • Manbou (Inoue Kikuko)
  • Aitsu (Yamaguchi Kappei)
  • Tako A (Yanase Natsumi)
  • narration (Kikuchi Masami)
  • Mona (Konishi Hiroko)
  • Machiru (Iwao Junko)

Hiroko said that she was really into herbs now. She even ate a herb pizza.

Junko said that she talked to herself when she was alone. When she was hanging up her overalls to dry, she talked to it.

They introduced the ending song of the radio show, Egao de Aishiteru by Kouda Mariko.

They said that they will try to read a lot of letters next week.

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