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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1996.09.21

    Time Leap episode 1
    Nagashima Yuko and Ishikawa Hideo argued about having a takoyaki machine at home. (They both spoke in Osaka-ben.)

    They got a letter from a listener: A guy shouldn't do treatment to his pubic hair. You should leave it natural. When it gets caught in the skin, you should stick your hand in your pocket and move it around..

    Hideo: Oh, I understand. It does hurt, when it gets stuck in the skin.
    Yuko: Huh? What skin?
    Hideo: The skin of the penis.
    Yuko: Oh that. I didn't know what he was talking about.
    Hideo: You know? He's saying that if you leave it natural, it will get caught more easily.
    Yuko: You use treatment?
    Hideo: Yes. But it still gets caught.
    Yuko: Maybe it's a cheap treatment.
    Hideo: No, it's a good one.

    Hideo read a letter from a girl who had very stiff pubic hair. It was so stiff that it not only poked through her lace panties, but also the cotton ones. Then she tried treatment, and after two months, it became soft. The pubic hair that she had been dreaming of! So she's been doing the treatment for 6 years now.

    Hideo: See, everyone's doing treatment.
    Yuko: Maybe she had to do it.

    Yuko read a letter from a guy who used some tingling shampoo on his pubic hair. His hair felt good, but his penis was very hurt. [Yuko said, "chin chin."] So this guy uses normal soap.

    Yuko: Have you done this before?
    Hideo: Many times.

    Then Hideo read a letter from a guy who used the tingling treatment shampoo. This guy liked it because it made his penis tingle.

    Hideo: I like this. I use sea breeze sometimes. It's very soothing. You wanna try it?
    Yuko: No!
    Then they read some more ecchi letters.

    The drama was Time Leap episode 1.

    [Dengeki Taishou radio show]

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