Dengeki Taishou - 1996.10.05

Title Dengeki Taishou
Aired 1996.10.05
Drama Time Leap episode 3
Hosts Ishikawa Hideo (Ϻ)
Nagashima Yuko (ͳ)
Guests none

Hideo got a letter from a girl who watched the EMU video and fell in love with him.
Yuko: Your dance is very erotic.
Hideo: Because I use my hips.

Hideo also said that he wears a headband because his hair comes down and gets stuck to his forehead with the sweat.

A letter: Do foreigners with blonde hair on top of their heads also have blonde pubic hair?
Yuko: I don't know.
Hideo: Yes.
Yuko: How come you know? Did you see it somewhere?
Hideo: I saw it at a soapland in Okinawa.
Yuko: Really?
Hideo: Also in the foreign porn movies, it's golden hair.
Yuko: You went to a soapland?
Hideo: Yeah, why? I can't?
Yuko: It's ok.

A letter: Do seiyuu who appear in CDs get one for free?
Yuko and Hideo talked about one that they appeared in together. Hideo had a fairly big role, and his picture was also in the booklet. But he didn't get a CD. Actually Yuko had taken his copy because she wanted to listen to it.
Hideo: I'll never forget that..
Yuko: So people who are in major roles get CDs.

Yuko also said that there was a time when they made a mistake and wrote Nagashima Noriko as her name in the credits.

A letter: What CD do you like?
Yuko: None in particular.. but maybe SMAP.
Hideo: The Tube.

The drama was Time Leap episode 3.

During this broadcast, Hideo and Yuko were eating things, and there were many times when they had their mouths full when it was their turn to talk.

[Dengeki Taishou]

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