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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1996.10.12

    Time Leap episode 4
    They got a letter from a 6th grader who asked, "what is shimo neta?"
    Yuko talked in a very cute, little girl voice. Hideo explained that it was about the lower body..

    Question from a listener: Are female nipples about the same softness as gummies?
    Hideo: Have you eaten gummies?
    Yuko: I love gummies.
    Hideo: Is it the same softness?
    Yuko: I've never eaten nipples so I don't know.
    Hideo: I think gummies are a little bit harder.

    Hideo: I like oranges. You put them in the hot bath, and when it gets warm, the feeling is the same as lips when you put two of them together.
    Yuko: So you practice kissing with the oranges.
    Hideo: I didn't, but an old girl friend told me this.
    Yuko: So people without experience in kissing can try this.
    Hideo: What about you?
    Yuko: I'll try this.
    Hideo: Your experience in kissing?
    Yuko: I don't have any, so I'll try it.
    Hideo: You liar..
    Yuko: Why..

    When Hideo was in 5th or 6th grade, he picked up some ecchi magazines in the park. So he was looking forward to going to the park. But the next time he found one, it had dog shit on it.

    The drama was Time Leap episode 4.

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