Dengeki Taishou - 1996.10.26

Title Dengeki Taishou
Aired 1996.10.26
Drama Time Leap episode 5
Hosts Ishikawa Hideo (Ϻ)
Nagashima Yuko (ͳ)
Guests none

Yuko had eaten some senbe (rice crackers), and it was too hot (spicy) for her. Hideo told her not to eat while they were broadcasting.

Hideo read a letter from some guy who talked about his penis. While Hideo was reading the letter, Yuko suddenly said, "You don't have to touch it while talking.."

Hideo said that he saw a ghost while he was sleeping. Then when he woke up, he was outside on his balcony, with the door locked from the inside.

They got a letter from a boy who had put on a bra for the first time. He said it was too tight, so everyone should go "no-bra".

Yuko: No. But there are times when I don't wear a bra.
Hideo: It doesn't make a difference if you wear a bra.
Yuko: Yeah.
[Yuko: You make me so mad.]
Yuko: Even today, this isn't a bra. It's hard to explain, but it's not a bra.

Ogata Megumi's new album goes on sale 10/28. It's called "Tajuu Jinkaku", and you will be able to listen to Megumi's various voices.

There was a corner where the listeners sent in questions about Kansai (both Yuko and Hideo talked in Kansai-ben).

question: Do people in Kansai put something on top of curry rice?
Yuko: Raw egg. Kanto people put boiled eggs, not raw eggs. But it's very good.
Hideo: Yeah, it's very good. The curry rice becomes very mild.
Yuko: Also some people put soy sauce, but not many people put sauce.

The drama was Time Leap episode 5.

Yuko said that she will have a signing event in Fukuoka on 11/3.

There will be an E.M.U. album coming out on 1997.01.15. There will also be a live event at the Nihon Seinenkan on that day.

[Dengeki Taishou]

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