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  • Dengeki Taishou - 1996.11.02

    Find Your Girl (Nagashima Yuko)
    Yume no Koibito (Nagashima Yuko)
    Time Leap episode 6
    Hideo said that he would be in Time Leap soon, as they just did the recording recently. Yuko said that Hideo make the normal lines sound ecchi.

    Hideo and Yuko read some letters.

    Hideo: I don't know if I said this before, but it's more embarrassing for me to have the hole in my rear seen than my front.
    Yuko: But you usually can't see the hole.
    Hideo: If you had to show one, which would you show?
    Yuko: Neither.
    Hideo: But what if you had to show one, or you would get killed.
    Yuko: Why do I have to get killed?
    Hideo: Just suppose that you will.
    Yuko: The back.

    The next letter had Hideo's title as "Fuck You Ishikawa", and Yuko read it! The person asked if one was supposed to put their penis up or down when they wear trunks.
    Yuko: Which is it?
    Hideo: I like to have it point down.
    Yuko: Is it something that you always think about?
    Hideo: Sometimes the position becomes bad and I have to stick my hand in my pocket and put it back into place.
    Yuko: That's so dirty! You shake hands with other people with that hand?

    Hideo: I don't wear trunks either. I wear bikini pants. But I'm the "down" type.
    Yuko: Since I'm a girl, I don't know about these things.

    There was going to be a present for the listeners. The scripts of the 12 episodes of Time Leap, signed by the seiyuu and the author Takahata Kyoichiro, will be given away.

    Then they played Find Your Girl by Nagashima Yuko, which is a song on a CD single that went on sale 10/25.

    The next corner was Yuppie's Hanazono corner. Yuko talked in a very cute voice, and Hideo just kept yelling at her because of this voice.

    The drama was Time Leap episode 6.

    At the ending, they played another song by Yuko, Yume no Koibito which is the OP song for the game Imadoki no Vampire. The previous song was the ED song, which is on the same CD single.

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