Earthly Paradise - 1998.12.06

Omedetou (Kimura Akiko)
Machiko said that it was December. It's the season for getting the bonus. But Machiko doesn't get any bonus.

Then she played Omedetou by Kimura Akiko, who is in the middle of a campaign tour (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka).

Machiko said that she was also in the middle of a campaign tour, although it is just four places. She said she went to Nagoya for the first time for a solo event.

There was a question from a listener asking how Machiko fixes a cold. Machiko said that she has to prevent catching a cold. She washes her hands and gargles right away when she gets home.

There was a question about what kind of nabe that Machiko likes. Machiko said that she likes sukiyaki. She found a store in Shinjuku where she can eat all that she wants for 1500 yen, and she likes going there. (^_^;) She said she ate shabu shabu the other day.

Machiko said that she felt that Japan was very crowded (small). She went to the USA, and saw how large it was.

Then Machiko read a lot of letters regarding her new album, Tongari Tenshi.
[The BGM was Rock'n Princess.]

There was a question whether the lyrics to Nami Oto was about her real experiences. Machiko said that it was a secret.

The final corner was Machirin's ai. Machiko said that she stopped wearing very high heels. She said that her toes and hip started hurting a little. The reason she started wearing high heels was because she had a complex about herself, because she is short.

Machiko said that she has a 5 page picture layout in Seiyuu Grand Prix. She said she tried to make it "adult".

Machiko said that she got a lot of dolphin goods from fans, so her room is full of dolphins and Miffy.

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