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  • ゲムドラナイト - 1997.08.03

    Chinese Children [Star Sweep]
    Sotsugyou Vacation episode 1
    It was "summer night" as they played songs from SNK games that gave the feeling of summer.

    They read a letter with a psychological test, and Kyoko answered the questions.

    1) Name someone near you whos image fits the color black.
    Kyoko: Koyasu-san!

    2) There is a fairy near you, what kind of fary is it?
    Kyoko: A cute one, but she's a little brat.

    3) There is a little bird on your hand, what color is it?
    Kyoko: Yellow.

    The "answers" to this test were:

    1) The person who you think is a "sukebe" (pervert).
    2) The feelings that you think others have of you.
    3) The color of your panties.

    Kyoko is currently hooked on Anies (?) goods. She had a bag, mirror, and pouch with her. Kyoko likes the color black.

    Takehito is hooked on Choro Q, a little wind-up car. He got it from a neighbor kid, a red Unos Roadstar. Takehito added bumpers and such to it.

    Kyoko still didn't watch Evangelion yet, but she wants to go listen to Miyamu. Takehito is also in the Slayers Great movie.

    Then they played Chinese Children (all music) from the game Star Sweep.

    King of Fighters 97 is in the arcades now. Takehito's character is Yabuki Shingo, but Kyoko said that he wasn't strong.

    The drama was Sotsugyou Vacation episode 1.

    Nakamoto Shizuka didn't appear during the drama, but she appeared at the end, while they were talking about the previews for the next episode.

    There was a question from a listener about how to access the home page. Kyoko usually only reads only the "tbj.co.jp", and the person tried that and failed. So Kyoko read out the complete URL slowly.

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