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  • Game Dra Night - 2001.04.29

    guest personality Omimura Mayuko
    guests none
    songs Close To (Kaori)
    drama Konohana: True Report episode 4

    Koyasu was playing the same "girl pick up" game as last week. He said he will continue playing this game until he can get a girl. He didn't know what the numbers on the screen were.. He said that the EX (experience?) value was still at 000.

    Koyasu and Kyoko said that their hay fever was getting better already. They said that it was ending early this year.

    The BGM for this week was songs by Tonbrella, Koyasu Takehito's group.

    Omimura Mayuko came as a guest personality. She said her latest talk CD "Anata to Issho Hana" went on sale. She even wrote English lyrics for her new song.

    Also the game "Close To" (a DC adventure game) went on sale. Mayuko did the main character in it. The radio drama next month will be "Close To".

    They played "Close To" (the opening song to "Close To") by Kaori.

    The drama was KONOHANA: True Report episode 4 Densetsu no Uso to Makoto.

    At the end, Koyasu said he became bored with the game, as he wasn't getting anywhere with the girls. Then Kyoko played, and picked up one of the girls!! Koyasu was shocked.

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