Game Game Party - 1998.02.02

Title Game Game Party
Aired 1998.02.02
Drama Sotsugyou III episode 2
Host Shimakata Junko (嶋方淳子)
Guests Kobayashi Hiyoko
Furuyama Ayumi (古山あゆみ)

Shimakata Junko bought a new bicycle. She used to have a mountain bike, but she bought a normal women's bicycle.

Junko said she spent 3000 yen, but she couldn't get the Sotsugyou UFO catcher doll..

The guest was character designer Kobayashi Hiyoko.

The drama was Sotsugyou III Wedding Bell episode 2.

The guest was Furuyama Ayumi. She said that she was a guest personality on a radio show for about a year.

On the Sotsugyou Album CD-ROM (for Sega Saturn), Ayumi had introduced herself and said that she liked teasing people.

A listener asked what Ayumi would wish for, if she saw a shooting star, "Give me money! Give me money! Give me money!"
Junko: Do you like money?
Ayumi: I'm in love with it.

Ayumi said that she wants to move soon, so she needs money.

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