Game Game Party - 1998.02.23

Title Game Game Party
Aired 1998.02.23
Drama Sotsugyou III episode 5
Host Shimakata Junko (߻)
Guests Arisugawa Kei
Komatsu Rika (Τ)

Many people sent in letters saying that they saw the TV CM for the Hinamatsuri concert.

The guest this week was Arisugawa Kei, the creator of the Sotsugyou M stories. There will be a Sotsugyou M game and OAV this year.

The drama was Sotsugyou III episode 5.

The guest was Komatsu Rika (Saitou Yukari). She said that Yukari loved martial arts, and liked to have fun. But Yukari was actually very lonely and gentle, but she only showed that side of herself to her husband.

Rika will also be a guest next week.

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