Iina - 1997.04.25

Title Iina Koujou Iinkai
Aired 1997.04.25
Drama Sign ha Iina episode 3
Main host Maeda Chiaki (前田千亜紀)
Guest Maeda Ai (前田愛)

Kuwashima Houko had injured her throat, so she couldn't speak for three weeks. So Maeda Chiaki took her place as Iina.

They read letters for the "soudan shitsu" corner.

They had the "Sign ha Iina" drama, episode 3 (around 4 minutes).

They read some letters for the Iina 2 corner.

They had the reading story theater (around 9 minutes).

They introduced Takeda Tomoyo. She was currently a high school student, second year, from Kobe. This radio show is her first seiyuu work. She decided to become a seiyuu after she was moved by watching Yuuyuu Hakusho.

Tomoyo's house was destroyed in the Kobe earthquake (of 1995). She had to live in a shelter for two months. But during that time she went to Osaka (by foot and train, as the trains weren't fully running) for a seiyuu audition.

[Iina Koujou Iinkai]

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