Iina Koujou Iinkai


Station TBS (954 kHz)
When Friday, 25:00 - 25:30
Personality Kuwashima Houko (桑島法子)
Chiba Chiemi
Takada Tomoyo

This radio show is based on the playstation game Iina. The regular hosts of this show are Kuwashima Houko, Chiba Chiemi, Takada Tomoyo, and Jody.

Some of the regular corners are:

  • soudan shitsu - a corner where listeners send in letters to ask for advice on various topics.
  • Iina 2 - a corner where listeners send in suggestions for a second Iina game, Iina 2.
  • Sign ha Iina drama - a high school volleyball story.
  • reading story theater - they read a fairly long story. The OP song (initial BGM) for this is Odayaka na Yuuki, by Hikami Kyoko.
All of the CMs during this radio show are for the Iina game, and the voice is by Kuwashima Houko. There are three patterns, a "genki" Iina, a "kogal" Iina, and a "timid" Iina.

This radio show ended suddenly on 1997.07.04, as Imagineer decided to suspend/delay the development of the game.

Summaries of broadcasts

air date guests
1997.04.18 Maeda Chiaki
1997.04.25 Maeda Ai, Maeda Chiaki
1997.05.02 Toyoshima Machiko, Maeda Chiaki
1997.05.09 Maeda Konomi
1997.05.16 Maeda Chiaki
1997.05.23 Naruse Kaori
1997.05.30 Katsuragawa Chie
1997.07.04 Narita Sayaka

Address for postcards

The address for sending postcards is as follows:

TBSラジオ ファンタジーワールド金曜日
Yume Same Gakuen Iina Koujou Iinkai
TBS Radio Fantasy World Friday
Tokyo 107-06

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