Iina - 1997.05.09

Maeda Konomi
Iina episode 1
Kuwashima Houko came back from a three week absence. Houko said that her throat was find now.

Maeda Konomi sang in the "duet corner". This is a corner where a listener sends in a tape with his part of the duet sung. Then Houko or Konomi will sing the other part. Konomi sang because it was a song that Houko didn't know.

They read letters for the "ren'ai soudan shitsu" corner.

They had the reading story theater episode 4 (around 6 minutes).

They read some letters for the Iina 2 corner.

The next corner was reading drama Iina episode 1 "Kani ga Kakatta Glass no Niwa".

Jody's English:
hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock
the clock struck one the mouse ran down
hickory dickory dock

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