Iina - 1997.05.23

Naruse Kaori (mangaka)
Iina episode 3
Houko said that she wanted to strengthen her stomach and back muscles. Jody said that she wanted to boogie board.

The secret guest tonight was Naruse Kaori, the mangaka who is drawing the Iina manga which runs in Fandera.

They read some letters for the "what does i-i-na stand for?" corner.

They read some letters for the "ren'ai soudan" corner.

They had the reading story theater, episode 5 (second half). (Yumekara Samenai Second Season, Koneko-chan wo Tsurete Tabi ni Deyou)

They read some letters for the Iina 2 corner. They were going to ask for suggestions for a good advertisement line that they can use in the Iina game ads.

They talked with the guest, Naruse Kaori. Kaori explained a little about the story in the Iina manga. It was a story about the Shibata brothers. The older brother was a producer of an idol, who had committed suicide. Then Iina appeared in front of him. The story will have a love triangle between the Shibata brothers and Iina, plus a look at the world of idols.

Jody said that she doesn't read manga.. but she sometimes reads Snoopy.

The drama was Iina Feel For Love episode 3.

Jody's question/line: Supercalifragilistic expialidocious.
[But Jody said it wrong..]

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