Iina - 1997.07.04

Title Iina Koujou Iinkai
Aired 1997.07.04
Drama Iina episode 9
Main host Kuwashima Houko (ˡ)
Guest Narita Sayaka

It was Tomoyo's birthday.

Houko said that she will go on a trip in July.

Tomoyo got a fan letter and was very happy.

There was a special guest, Narita Sayaka a 17 year old high school student, who was going to read the Shirakawa Yumi reading story. Sayaka was doing some radio work in Kobe right now. The stories are written by Shirakura Yumi personally for the girls who read the story. (Nakagawa Akiko and Miyamura Yuko had done the readings in the past.)

All of the girls said that they didn't like guys who talk too much.

Then there was the reading story by Sayaka (over 8 minutes).

They read some letters for the "Iina 2" corner. They also chose a "MVP" for the best idea, and said that the person would get a playstation.

Then they had the reading drama Iina episode 9.

Shibata Youya was showing Iina the old videos of Ayaka, and Iina was getting closer and closer to Ayaka. But there was a production who made a copy of Ayaka (virtual). Hasegawa said they had come closer than Shibata, but not totally there yet. They felt Ayaka's greatness was in her karisma, which made over 100 fans follow her to their death after Ayaka died.

Both projects were to continue, and the new idol (either one of them) will debut in 6 months.

[end of drama]

Then there was a major announcement. The Iina game was delayed (indefinitely), so this radio show was going to end this week.

Mr. Oka, director of the Iina game from Imagineer, came and said that there will be a renewal of the radio progam next week. They will follow up with all presents and such, and they will continue with the Shirakura Yumi reading story.

Jody: Thanks for listening, and see you again.

[Iina Koujou Iinkai]

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