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  • Kaettekita Sentimental Night - 1998.08.25

    Makishima Yuki (ͭ)
    Okamoto Asami (㸫)
    Konno Hiromi ()
    Tokyo Shuugou, Akihabara 2
    Asami was the leader today, and was very nervous. The SG Girls finished their concert, and got a vacation. Hiromi said that she went home to Hokkaidou. Asami said that she went to Hiroshima. Yuki said she stayed in Tokyo and cleaned up her room.

    [CM by Nozomi and Yukari for Sotsugyou III desktop collection.]

    Hiromi and Yuki read letters for the "sentimental mistake" corner.

    A listener said that he saw a listing in the TV guide for a late night show called "H Daisuki". He waited for it to start, but when it started, he found out that the full title was "Hokkaidou Daisuki". Hiromi said that she knew about this show..

    There was a letter about someone grabbing a soldering iron. But none of the girls knew what a soldering iron was.. Hiromi thought it was like a saw, Asami thought it was like a hair curler iron..

    Hiromi said that she kicked her TV the other day, because it wasn't working correctly when she wanted to watch something. But actually she didn't have it plugged in correctly.

    Asami read a letter for the "dengon ban" corner.

    Yuki said that when she went back home, she found out that her little brother had a girl friend. She said that she felt a little sad, like her brother had been taken away.

    Hiromi and Yuki read letters for the "okuni jiman" corner.

    The drama was Tokyo Shuugou, Anata wo Motto Shiritakute Akihabara story part 2.

    After the drama the girls said that someone brought a soldering iron. They all saw one for the first time, and they made a lot of strange comments and guesses as to how to use it.. Then someone brought some solder, and the girls were surprised again, as it wasn't anything like they imagined.

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