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  • Kabocha ni Onegai - 1997.12.21

    Christmas no Yoruni (Sakurai Tomo)
    Christmas Dream (Sakurai Tomo)
    This was a Christmas special broadcast, "Christmas ni Onegai".

    She played a Christmas song, Christmas no Yoruni from her CD Cherry Christmas.

    Tomo read the "Christmas cards" that were sent in by the listener.

    Tomo said that she didn't have a boy friend.

    She said that someone with a lot of friends is happy.

    Then she played Christmas Dream, also from Cherry Christmas.

    Tomo talked about Cherry Christmas. She said that initially her character was a male, but they changed it while they were recording.

    Tomo read some more Christmas messages.

    Then Tomo chose the 10 people who won the Christmas voice message.

    There was a pre-recorded message from Iijima Mari.
    [about 1:45]

    Mari will come to Japan next week, and will be a guest on this radio show.

    Tomo then sang Kiyoshi Konoyoru (Silent Night), a capella.

    [Kabocha ni Onegai]

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