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  • Kira Kira Network - 1996.11.16

    Broadcast 3
    Zeni no Hana (Natsuki Rio)
    Photon 1

    AIC Hot Scramble

    The El Hazard OAV settei shiryou CD-ROM will go on sale 11/22. There will be morning call messages, answering machine messages, and new character voice recordings. The voices were done by Makoto, Ifuriita, Areere, Jinnai, Fujisawa, and Nanami. It will be a 2 CD-ROM set for Windows 95. 5800 yen.

    The Dai Undoukai game for the Sega Saturn will come with an original poster and a CD single for those who reserve it.

    AIC Club is selling settei shiryou, comic anthologies, telephone cards, and other goods. You can get some information from them by writing a letter to them and sending a 80 yen stamp (for return postage).

    ɣö 饭ͥåȥ

    AIC Club, Kira Kira Network
    Sunhaim Nakakou 302
    3-24-15 Nakamura
    Nerima, Tokyo 176

    [I'm not sure what the return postage is for foreign countries.]

    Photon 1

    This was the first episode of the Photon radio drama, based on a story by Kajishima Masaki.

    The story takes place on a sandy planet. Photon Arth (voice by Ishida Akira) was a boy who had a lot of power, and who could run very fast. But he was very naive. Photon didn't talk much either.

    Aun Freya (voice by Araki Kae) was a girl who also had a lot of power. She also had the special power of stopping time, in a force field around herself.. but she always got stopped herself. This force field didn't affect Photon though. Aun was a girl who also fell in love a lot, and chased after a lot of guys.

    The narration of the story was done by Kobayashi Yuko. In this radio drama, the narrator talks most of the time, and describes the story.

    The story..

    The sand people were going to attack Aun. But Photon saved her, and Photon told Aun to return to the village. But Aun was on her was to see Laman, a guy that she had fallen in love with.

    Aun's grandfather was the master of the village, and had asked Photon to look over Aun. Also Photon had made a promise with someone else a long time ago..

    Aun and Photon fell asleep, but Aun woke up before Photon. She took her black marker, and wrote baka on Photon's forehead, before taking off to see Laman.

    The next morning, Photon woke up and discovered that Aun was gone. He went to a city to look for her, but he found out that Aun had already gone off for Laman. The people of the city laughed at Photon because he had baka on his forehead, but Photon still didn't know about it.

    Photon headed for the city where Laman lived, and on the way, he fell into a deep crevice, which was a trap that Aun had set for him.

    [end of episode 1]

    Digital Information Corner

    This radio show can be heard on the Internet, at http://www.anime-int.com/. Besides the radio show, there are fan service pages, AIC information, and songs. There's even some pictures of Natsuki Rio.

    Rio: Please tell your friends.

    Also one can send e-mail letters to the radio show, at kira@anime-int.com.

    This information will also be in the new Ani Raji Grand Prix magazine.

    Corner Battle

    They are still taking votes for the corner battle, to decide which corners they will have on this radio show. The six corners being nominated are: 1) dramatic days, 2) yasashii Hakata-ben, 3) anime song top 10, 4) Hakata-ben poem, 5) anime song Kyuushuu version, and 6) Natsuki Rio wo sagase.

    Descriptions of these corners can be found in the summary of broadcast 1.

    Then Rio played her song Zeni no Hana, an image song for El Hazard.

    They also asked for ideas for the continuation of the Kira Kira Mini Mini Gekijou story.

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