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  • Tokyo Verdy 1969 Radio Club

    This is a 20 minute radio show about the Tokyo Verdy 1969 Soccer Team, aired 17:05 - 17:25 on Saturdays, Radio Nippon. The September 29, 2001 broadcast had the Veru Pola Girls as a guest, and they were on the air for around 5 minutes.

    They introduced themselves, Sakairi Nao, Tezuka Chieko, and Miyanishi Noa, and their group. They also introduced the special Verdy Polaroid camera, that is on sale at the Tokyo Stadium.

    The three Veru Pola Girls were chosen out of the more than 400 girls who applied to be the image girls. There is going to be another audition for additional members, if the Verdy soccer team wins.

    There is more information and pictures of the Veru Pola Girls at www.dokyun.com.

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