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  • Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.07.12

    Dragon's Dance (Yuuki)
    Iroveyou (Yuuseioujo)
    Moe and Yuuseioujo went camping for an article in Voice Animage.


    Q: Please tell me about the manga that Animetal will be doing the music to.
    A: There will be a drama CD called Kishiwada Hakase (?) going on sale 8/21. The story will be about the genius professor fighting against aliens.

    The cast is as follows.

    Kishiwada Hakase Nozawa Nachi
    Charley Asukawa Chiba Shigeru
    Ohtsuka Utsumi Kenji
    Shiratori Paruko Yokoyama Chisa
    Ohyamada Haruko Iwao Junko
    Miss Melon Han Keiko
    narration Ikeda Masako

    Animetal will sing the opening song, and it will be an original song, Tensai Kishiwada Hakase no Uta.

    Q: How does one get to work in a seiyuu related field?
    A: There is a magazine called "Naritai" that just went on sale. It introduces many jobs and gives some information on how to get jobs in those fields. For the seiyuu section, there is some information given by Kouda Mariko. This magazine is 590 yen.

    Rajimage Journal

    The August issue of Animage has 40 pages on Mononoke Hime, and includes a large poster of Mononoke Hime.

    "Naritai" magazine went on sale, and it has Hirosue Ryoko on the cover.

    Then they played a song from Elmar no Bouken, Dragon's Dance, by Yuuki.


    When someone says that the clothes fit her nicely, Moe becomes happy, even if it is only the clothes. Moe wondered if it feels good when someone says that the full body tights look good. Moe and Asobi asked Hisoka.

    Hisoka wears full body tights when she does the role of a prince. People say she looks good in it, but Hisoka said she was slightly sad.

    There were many others in their production who have worn full body tights. Even Sakurai Tomo wore one before. Moe wondered if it was easy to move in it. Hisoka said that she can move well in it, but it's hard to wear and take off.

    Moe: Can you swim in full body tights?
    Asobi: Probably, those thing divers wear are like full body tights.

    Moe has never worn one yet. Then Hisoka said she would let Moe wear the prince outfit.

    Then they read a letter, which asked who among them was best at making up excuses. Moe and Hisoka quickly said that it was Asobi. Asobi said that she was a quick thinker..

    Then they played Iroveyou by Yuuseioujo.

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