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  • Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.09.20

    Kaeri Michi (Nagasaki Moe)
    Hisoka and Asobi went to see a movie, and on the way home they stopped at a game center to take a print club picture. But they discovered a shooting game, and they played it until the end.


    Q: Please tell me about Nagasawa Miki.
    [When Moe was reading the letter, she read "EVA" as "ii vii ei"..]
    A: Miki has done the role of Maya in Evangelion. This fall she will do the role of Miyu in the new Vampire Miyu TV series. Miki is with the production Haikyou.

    Q: Please tell me about the Gekigangar OAV.
    A: Gekigangar was the "anime in anime" of Nadesico. There aren't any details out for the Nadesico movie yet, except that there will be one. But there will also be a three part Gekigangar OAV series, with a completely original story. There are no details of the story yet.

    Rajimage Journal

    The October issue of Animage is on sale, and contains information on Slayers Try, Utena, and the new programs starting in the fall. There is also a booklet on Gundam Wing.

    The next issue of Voice Animage has Miyamura Yuko on the cover. There is a big special on Yuko, and reports on the summer concerts of Shiina Hekiru, Kouda Mariko, and Sakurai Tomo. There are also articles on Weiss and Nagasaki Moe. There is the "voice perfect data" with information on the character voices in the anime of 1997. Voice Animage 16 will go on sale 9/30.

    Then Nagasaki Moe gave out the information on her events for her second single. She will have an event on 9/21 at the Shinseido Quartier 5 store. To participate one has to buy the CD at one of the 27 Shinseido stores in Tokyo. Moe will also have an event on 9/23 at the Shinseido Landmark store.

    Then they played the full version of Kaeri Michi.


    They read a letter saying that dogs and cats talk in their sleep. Moe said that she talked in her sleep and woke up. Then her mother and older sister laughed, and Moe continued her conversation from her dream.

    Asobi said that her younger brother talked in his sleep a lot. They slept on a bunk bed, with Asobi on top and her brother on the bottom. Asobi heard some talking, so she went down and talked to her brother, but he was just talking in his sleep, and he didn't remember anything the next morning.

    Then they talked about an incident that occurred at a hotel in Sendai. They all went to a hotel after a musical, and checked in. They went to their rooms and agreed to meet right away. But Hisoka didn't show up. They went to her room, but there was no answer. They called her room, but there was no answer. They started to get worried, so they asked the hotel people to open the door to her room. When they all went to Hisoka's room again and knocked, a sleepy Hisoka answered.

    Asobi said that there was a time when she forgot to set the alarm, and was almost late. But Asobi is very fast as getting ready in the morning.

    [Moe Moe Rajimage]

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