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  • Moe Moe Rajimage - 1997.10.04

    Iroveyou (Yuuseioujo)
    Kaeri Michi (Nagasaki Moe)
    The girls said that they were in a small studio for the recording of this broadcast.

    Also Moe Moe Rajimage will go into hibernation after this broadcast.

    Moe and the others talked about the various guests that they have had on the show, Hidaka Noriko, Mera Yoshikazu..

    Hisoka remembered the time when they celebrated her birthday, and the champagne got spilt. The others had tried to keep it a secret.

    For the investigation corner, they had received lots of questions about themselves. But they had saved them until now. So they read them, and answered them. But they used a system where one person read the letter, and assigned someone to answer it.

    Some of the hilights..

    Q: What is the most important that you got from your parents?
    Moe said that it was a stuffed doll of a mouse.

    Q: Can you get Voice Animage back issues?
    Hisoka answered that you couldn't.. But Koba-chan (editor of Voice Animage) snapped back and said that you can. He said that there were still "lots" of back issues left, and you can order them.

    There was a question about Moe, and Asobi answered. She gave information about Moe's birthday, birthplace, debut single, second single, and her hobby of collecting teddy bears. Asobi also said that Moe sews well, even her own clothes.

    Q: If you got a driver's license, who would you have in the next seat?
    Moe said that she would put her largest teddy bear in the next seat.. The others commented that it would probably look like the bear was driving, and Moe was next to it.

    One listener said that he saw a very old picture in an idol magazine of Hisoka in a swimsuit. Asobi and Moe said that it was a good picture of Hisoka in a bikini. The magazine said that Hisoka was "D cup".. Asobi said that it was real. "Hisoka does a lot of boy roles and looks very slender, but she's really 'boin boin'. My breasts are more like a boy's than hers."

    Rajimage journal

    Voice Animage 16 is on sale now.

    Then they played Iroveyou from Yuuseioujo's debut album Kabi.


    Moe read her diary.. "They say the earth is blue, but since I have never left earth, or Japan, I haven't seen it."

    Moe and the others talked about the earth and colors and such.

    Then they played Kaeri Michi, Moe's second single which will have a TV CM tie up.

    Then they had a little birthday celebration for Asobi.

    Final messages..

    Moe: It was a very fast six months. Thank you very much.
    Hisoka: If you see me outside, please say hi to me.
    Asobi: We will still go around doing events and such.
    All: See you again!

    [Moe Moe Rajimage]

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