M's Garden - 1997.10.07

White Moon inthe Blue Sky (Ishii Tatsuya)
Face Up (Tanimura Yumi)
Uso (Water of Life)
Kaeri Michi (Nagasaki Moe)
[This was the first broadcast of M's Garden.]

Moe: Welcome to my garden.

Moe said that the M stands for Moe, music, magic, musical, miracle, etc.

Then she played White Moon in the Blue Sky by Ishii Tatsuya, former member of Kome Kome Club. [full version]
Moe talked over the second verse, and talked about liking an old song by Kome Kome Club (Roman Hikou) when she was in junior high.

Moe introduced herself, her name, etc..
Moe: How old do I sound? I'm 19 years old.

[Moe sounded different on this show. She spoke in a more calm, and composd manner. Maybe she wanted to sound more mature. Maybe she was nervous because it was the first broadcast of a radio show that she did by herself. - H.Doi]

The game Crime Crackers 2 will go on sale for the Playstation in November. There will be a radio drama, aired on this program.

Then she played Face Up by Tanimura Yumi.

The next corner was the Moe ni dengonban corner.
This was a corner where Moe read letters from listeners.
[There was already some letters.]

Moe said that she was growing some herb at home, but she didn't know the name of it. Also Moe has a cactus at home.

Moe was currently living with a cat. Moe first lived with a cat when she was in grade school.

Then she played Uso by Water of Life.

The next corner was the Moe's information corner.
Moe talked about doing the role of Seira in the musical Shoukoujo Seira. She said that it will start soon.

Moe went to Kyoto for the campaign of her second single, but she didn't have time to look at the sights carefully.

Then she played her second single Kaeri Michi.

[this radio show didn't have any CMs.]

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