M's Garden - 1997.10.14

Yakusoku (Kawai Gamon)
Hontoune (Furuuchi Touko)
Bye Bye Mr. Mug (Brilliant Green)
Kaeri Michi (Nagasaki Moe)
Moe said that the M in M's Garden stands for Moe, music, musical, miracle, milk, etc.

Then she played Yakusoku by Kawai Gamon (?).

After the song, Moe talked about flowers.

Then she played Hontoune by Furuuchi Touko (?).

The next corner was "Moe ni dengonban".

Moe said that she likes to run, especially short distance. She was also better at the real races instead of practice. When Moe runs long distance, she tries to think of something else and keeps thinking about it. But then she starts smiling by herself, and it looks funny if someone takes a picture of her smiling while running..

Moe has never gone to a foreign country.

Then she played Bye Bye Mr. Mug by the Brilliant Green. [an English song]

The next corner was the "Moe information corner". Moe said that her song Asobi ni Ikouyo was a CM song for the Mini Stop convenience store. Her second single Kaeri Michi will also be used in a CM.

Moe's musical "Shoukoujo" also started last week. She is doing a "lift" (being held in the air) for the first time. Moe said that she was scared during the rehearsals.

Then Moe played her second single Kaeri Michi, which was this month's song.

The playstation game Crime Crackers 2 will go on sale 11/27, and the radio drama will be aired on this program.

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