M's Garden - 1997.10.21

Title M's Garden
Aired 1997.10.21
Drama none
Song White Breath (TM Revolution)
Uso (Water of Life)
Ashioto (Makihara Noriyuki)
Kaeri Michi (Nagasaki Moe)
Host Nagasaki Moe (Ĺ)
Guests none

The flower of the day was a tulip. Moe said that she went to the flower shop, and saw a lot of different tulips.

The first song was "White Breath" by TM Revolution.

Moe likes to sleep in the indoor sun (the warm sunlight coming in through the window).

While going from one place to another for work, Moe sleeps. She tries not to sleep, but she can't stay awake, so she is known as someone who sleeps right away.

The next song was "Uso" by the Water of Life.

The next corner was the "Moe ni dengonban" corner.

Moe said she drinks tea every morning. She likes the brand Earl Grey. She prefers milk over lemon.

There were four dogs at Moe's home. When they cooked hot potatoes in the fire, the dogs would take the potatoes out of the fire and eat it with their paws.

The next song was "Ashioto" by Makihara Noriyuki.
[Nagano Olympics torch relay official song.]

The next corner was the "Moe information" corner.

11/1 is the final day of the Shoukoujo Seira musical. On one of the previous days, after the musical, Moe went to the lobby and saw the little kids. Moe was happy when the kids pointed to her and said, "It's Seira-chan."

The details aren't announced yet, but there will be another Christmas Fantasy Live this year.

Then she played Kaeri Michi.

The Crime Crackers 2 game for the Playstation will go on sale 11/27. They will broadcast the radio drama on this show before that.

[M's Garden]

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