M's Garden - 1997.11.25

Kuu Reijo
Unmei no Hito (Spitz)
Hyouryuusha (Shiina Hekiru and Shinya)
New Papana (Kuu Reijo)
Crime Crackers 2 act 5
The first song was Unmei no Hito by Spitz.

Moe said that she tried a coffee called "Costa Rica", and liked it. (Moe is more a tea person than coffee.)

The second song was Hyouryuusha by Shiina Hekiru and Shinya.

The guest was Kuu Reijo. The song of the month was New Papana. Moe asked what that meant, and Kuu Reijo said that it meant December in Indian language (American Indian). Kuu Reijo was wearing Indian jewelry, western boots, and a flare skirt..

Moe and Kuu Reijo read letters.

Kuu Reijo said that she likes to buy things from foreign mail order. She likes western (Amwerican western) things. But right now the yen is low against the dollar..

Moe said she had never ordered anything before.

Then they played New Papana by Kuu Reijo.

Kuu Reijo will have a New Papana live tour in December, and a Christmas event on 12/18.

The drama was Crime Crackers 2 act 5.

Moe's song Kaeri Michi will be in the X2000 karaoke system from November 30.

There will be a 1998 Nagasaki Moe calendar at the Christmas Fantasy Live on 12/24.

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