M's Garden - 1997.12.30

White Breath (TM Revolution)
Kaeri Michi (Nagasaki Moe)
Graduater (Shiina Hekiru)
Mafuyu (Osorockets)
The first song was White Breath by TM Revolution.

Moe said that she went to Aomori again. She said it was very cold. She had to some shootings where she was outside, and wasn't wearing a coat.

The way of acting for TV is different from acting on stage. On stage, the viewers are always on one side. But for TV it's different, so she had to act more naturally.

Then she played Kaeri Michi, her second single.

On the way home from Aomori, they didn't know if the plane would fly out, so Moe took a bus to Morioka and took a shinkansen back to Tokyo.

Then Moe read some letters for the Moe ni Dengonban corner.

Moe said she likes ice cream. Also her cat likes ice cream too. But her cat doesn't like fish..

There was a question about how to learn dialogue for a play. Moe said that she just reads the script over and over. Also she practices her lines by saying them while she walks around.

Then she played Graduater by Shiina Hekiru.

The next corner was Moe ni install.

Then she played Mafuyu by Osorockets (?).

Moe will be in the play Jitterbug, from 1/28 to 2/1.

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