M's Garden - 1998.03.03

Denwa (Moritaka Chisato)
Kaeri Michi (Nagasaki Moe)
Saikou na Hibi (Super Sonic Float)
It was Girl's Day, and Moe said that she had a party at her house, and they had the traditional Hinamatsuri decorations (dolls).

The first song was Denwa by Moritaka Chisato.

Moe said that she didn't go outside on 3/1, the day it snowed a lot. She said that she stayed at home, and "ran" a lot. Moe is using a walking-meter called "teku teku angel", a meter that measures how many steps one takes, but it's also like a tamagocchi where you "grow" something. Moe wanted to use up a lot of calories, so she took 23000 steps the first day. Since that sets up the norm, she has to take that many steps every day now. But that's a lot, so she has to run at home..

The second song was ?.

In the Moe ni Dengonban corner, Moe read some letters about her appearance in the Tuesday night suspense drama last week. Moe's character was supposed to be 23 years old, and that was the oldest role that Moe had done so far.

The next song was Moe's second single Kaeri Michi.

Moe will have a play from 4/8 to 4/12, and tickets go on sale 3/8.

The next corner was Moe ni Install.

The next song was Saikou na Hibi, the debut single by Super Sonic Float.

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