Next King - 1997.04.19

This was the third broadcast. The regulars are Furumoto Shinnosuke, Shinohara Emi, and Eguchi Misato. Next week, Shinnosuke will ask Shinohara Emi "questions"..

They are taking letters from people who think they have the "number one in the world" something. They read two letters to see which one is better. The first one was from someone who was into "right upper hooks" (as in boxing), who punched out a friend. The second one was from someone who liked to stand in his room with a blindfold on, and wearing nothing below the waist. He says it's thrilling because he doesn't know when his parents will walk in. Shinnosuke said that it wasn't much. He said it would be more daring if his parents walked in when he was having sex.

Eguchi Misato explained a little bit about the Next King game, a love simulation, board game for the playstation. This is different from other love simulation games, in that there will be three rivals. The seiyuu in Next King are Shinohara Emi, Inoue Kikuko, Takayama Minami, Han Keiko, and others. Also this game will be based on "luck". You move through the game by rolling dice. It goes on sale 5/23. The first 3000 people who reserve the game will get a "voice card".

In the "love gekijou" corner, Shinnosuke and Emi did a drama based on a letter from a listener. It dealt with some problems or experiences that the listeners had. This week it was about a 16 year old girl who had a 27 year old guy confess to her. She was worried about the age difference. Shinnosuke is also 27 years old too. He wondered if it wouldn't be ok if he went out with a high school student. Emi said that the age difference isn't much of a problem.

This radio show was full of CMs for Next King. Shinohara Emi does a "cute" voice and a "sm queen" voice (with whip). Shinnosuke said that he didn't recognize that it was Emi.

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