Next King


Station Bunka Housou (1134 kHz)
When Saturday, 22:30 - 23:00
Personality Furumoto Shinnosuke (古本新之輔)
Shinohara Emi (篠原恵美)
Eguchi Misato

This radio show is based on the Playstation game Next King.

Summaries of broadcasts

air date drama/guests
1997.05.10 Suirei
1997.05.17 Next King Gaiden 1
1997.05.24 Next King Gaiden 2
1997.05.31 Next King Gaiden 3
1997.06.07 Next King Gaiden 4
1997.06.14 Next King Gaiden 5
1997.06.21 Next King Gaiden 6
1997.06.28 Next King Gaiden 7

Address for postcards

The address for sending postcards is as follows:

Furumoto Shinnosuke's Ore ha Next King
Bunka Housou
Tokyo 160-02

For those people who get their letters read, Shinnosuke (or one of the other personalities) rolls a die to see how many "points" that person gets. If a listener gets 15 points or more, he will get two full tickets to Kourakuen amusement park. In addition, Furumoto Shinnosuke will join them.

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