Next King - 1997.05.24

Next King Gaiden episode 2
Emi said that she went to a school that had two semesters per year. (Usually there are three.)

Emi said she was wearing a bra that had the hook on the back. (Shinnosuke asked her what type she was wearing.)

They read letters about love problems. One letter was from a girl who liked a guy who was 18 years older. Another was from a guy who only liked anime girls.

The playstation game Next King will go on sale 6/27. It got delayed because they wanted to fix the tempo of the game.

The drama was Next King Gaiden, episode 2. The characters were: the Prince, Angelica, and Sister Fennel (Kasahara Hiroko). The drama was around 6 minutes.

Emi said that she recently likes to take long, slow baths.

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