Next King - 1997.06.07

Next King Gaiden episode 4
Shinohara Emi's birthday is 8/8.

Shinnosuke hates "tsuyu" (the rainy season).

Shinnosuke asked Misato to talk a little bit about herself. Her real name is Eguchi Misato, and she is 18 years old. She works as a beer seller in the Tokyo Dome, but she isn't selling that much recently..

A listener wanted to know Misato's three sizes. Shinnosuke was feeling very happy. Misato said she was 165 cm tall, but still growing. She didn't want to say her "B" size, but her "W" is 58 cm, and "H" is 85 cm. Emi said that Misato has a nice body.

The drama was Next King Gaiden, episode 4. The characters were: the Prince, Angelica, and Camomille (Touma Yumi).

Misato had been raising a tamagocchi on a game boy, but it just died.

There will be a Lupin special on TV in August. Emi will do the role of the guest heroine. She also sings the ending song, called Hitomi wo Wasurenaide. There will be a maxi-single containing the ED and a new arrange OP going on sale 7/2.

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