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  • プクプク・ペンギン・パーク - 1996.06.23

    Nakanai Weekend (Iwao Junko)
    Lover's Blue (Ikezawa Haruna)
    Junko: Last week, I said I had my palm read. This week, I had it read again! This time it was a man, and he said that I would live a long time too. But there is a split in the line, so he said that I would get into an accident.
    Junko: Since I usually go around with the volume of my walkman turned up all the way, it's dangerous.
    Junko: Also I asked about my marriage line. I have three lines so I wondered if I can get married three times. But it wasn't that. He told me two of them have already passed.
    Haruna: Eh!? So you only have one left?
    Junko: Yes, I haven't gotten married yet, but I let two people go..
    Haruna: Oh, so it's not actual marriage, but the chance. I have two lines. I wonder if one of them is already passed..

    Then Junko and Haruna read some letters.

    Then they played Nakanai Weekend by Iwao Junko, which is on her first CD Hajimemashite.

    When Junko was little she was afraid of dogs and always ran away. But the dog would follow her, thinking she was playing with it. Junko used her backpack as a shield.

    When Haruna was little, a big Saint Bernard jumped on her and played with her. Haruna was very scared and asked for help, but her father just tried to get away..

    Haruna and Junko played a Sega Saturn game Hissatsu Shigotonin in the studio. Then they talked about it a little bit.

    There will be a radio drama starting next week, called Heian Mato Karakuri Kidan. Junko will be doing the role of Take-hime, and Haruna will be doing the role of Seishou Nagon and Tentarou.

    Then they played Lover's Blue, by Ikezawa Haruna, from her album Sweetie.

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